11th December 2019

“Transmural Biotech receives the most promising Innovation Award in Digital Medicine 2019 awarded by NODE.Health in New York”

Within the framework of the third cycle of Digital Medicine Conference 2019 (DMC), organized by the American organization NODE.Health in New York City (USA) from December 9 to 11, Transmural Biotech receives the Innovation Award most promising in Digital Medicine 2019 (Most Promising Digital Medicine Innovation) for the development of the quantusFLM test, awarded for being a promise of technology by providing evidence and clinical results.

The Annual Digital Medicine Conference 2019 Digital Medicine Conference has the participation of more than 500 leaders in information technology (IT) innovation in health systems, health plans, pharmacists, clinicians and government entities of the United States , to analyze the best practices for the transformation, collaboration and implementation of digital health applications based on clinical evidence.

The awarding group is the NODE.Health, for its acronym in English Network of Digital Evidence in Health, an American organization that brings together a network of societies, organizations and innovators dedicated to digital transformation in Health. NODE.Health builds and explores the knowledge base that is currently required to lead the global health systems and industry in the age of value.

The prize, awarded on December 9, was collected by Carlos Gutiérrez, responsible for the expansion of Transmural Biotech in the USA and other markets in the world.