Our main partner

Almost all of the capital from Transmural Biotech is in the hands of the Grupo Asisa,  the most important health conglomerate in Spain and the first medical cooperative in the world. We share with them the international spirit and the goal of offering a high quality medical assistance, driven by excellence in new technologies. Our common goal is to improve healthcare worldwide and to have a positive impact on the health of more people each day.

Asisa Group

Grupo Asisa is the largest medical cooperative in the world, and second largest healthcare insurance company in Spain. Together with the hospital holding (HLA) and the specialized companies of the group (Asisa Dental, Analiza, Oftalvist, Transmural Biotech, Reproducción Asistida, etc.) it forms the third largest healthcare conglomerate of Europe.









Business’s figures

In recent years, Grupo Asisa has consolidated its figures by growing and leading the Spanish private health sector. Its growth allows it to offer its clients and its professional team the best possible service and treatment.

  • It has an annual turnover (premiums, social security referrals and the amount of other specialized businesses) of approximately 2,700 million euros.

  • It responds to an integral aspect of health activity, which includes insurance, hospitals, health centers and clinics by specialties.

  • Its strong international spirit makes its activity spread throughout Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.

  • It has a large number of specialized companies: Abaliza (laboratories); Oftalvist (eyepiece); URA (assisted reproduction); Asisa Dental (dental clinics): Transmural Biotech (Artificial Intelligence on images); Asisa Care (health and beauty), etc.

International spirit

Grupo Asisa is currently expanding internationally, reaching new countries and bringing its cooperative spirit across the globe.